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Delivery Toolkit

Welcome to the FoCul Delivery Toolkit Wiki.
FoCul specialises in developing IT solutions which enable Manufacturing and Engineering organisations to manage knowledge and work flow processes more efficiently. Our solutions cover all aspects of manufacturing from Operations through Supply Chain, Finance, Projects and HR. You read more at our web site or on this factsheet

The Delivery Toolkit is a suite of "off the shelf" applications which we have developed from real projects with clients. We have chosen to use this Wiki approach to tell you about our products because it gives you access to all of the information from sales materials through to screencasts for real users. Lotus Notes and Domino / Web based versions of the applications are available.

These Delivery Toolkit applications include :

Project Manager - Released scheduled Q2 2011
The Project Manager application allows organisations to manage all of the correspondence and workflow processes associated with the execution of large projects.
The Functionality includes :
  • Meeting Minutes with SMART trackable actions
  • Web enabled Technical Queries functionality
  • Web enabled Variations functionality
  • Web enabled Action Tracking
  • Transmittals

The Lead customer for this application is Lucite.
You can see more about the new application at which currently points to the development wiki

Management of Change for Process Safety - Released September 2010

FoCul has developed an electronic Management of Change process which allows the Engineering and Operations teams to focus on the technical aspects of the process without needing to spend time on administration or chasing physical forms. The application deals will all aspects of the MOC process from Concept Approval, through Risk Assessment, construction and Commissioning. Actions and activities generated during the process are individually trackable and can be interlocked to any part of the stage gate process.
The system is currently being deployed to manage change on a large CHP power plant in the UK.

The MOC application is available as a web system, an intranet system and on the IBM Lotus Notes platform. It can be purchased outright or rented by the month.

A dedicated wiki has been created to allow existing and potential users to find out information about the application as easily as possible.

Asset Manager
The Asset Manager application allows organisations to manage the knowledge and processes required to maintain and operate Chemical plants. The application is compliments typical CMMS systems such as SAP and Maximo by providing a much richer tool for teams to collaborate within.

Contact Manager
The Contact Manager is a CRM application which is tightly integrated into the Lotus Notes mail system but does not require the mail template to be modified. The Contact Manager can be used to manage communications with both suppliers and customers.

Survey Manager
The Survey Manager allows you to integrate powerful web surveys into your workflow applications. 

Skills and Roles Manager
The Skills and Roles Manager not only acts as a skills ( training ) records system but also automatically highlights the gaps between the skills required by a persons role and the skills that they hold. It is ideal for organisations such as chemical manufacturers where peoples ability to perform in a role is tightly aligned with their skills ( training ).

Purchase Requisition Manager
The Purchase Requisition Manager provides and easy to use but tightly controlled system for managing Purchase Requisitions or indents. These requisitions are approved by the appropriate cost centre owners and then processed by the Supply Chain professionals. Benefits include a reduction in ERP licences, improved flexibility with control and increased auditability. The system can also be integrated with our Electronic Supplier Invoice Approval System

Document Manager
The Document Manager allows the owners of controlled documents ( SOPs, Standards, Procedures etc.. ) to modify these documents quickly and easily in a controlled and auditable system. The Document Manager can also be integrated with the Skills and Roles Manager and the Activities Manager to ensure that positive confirmation is gathered from  all of the people who are required to read these new or modified documents.

Activities Manager
The Activities Manager aggregates all of the actions that people and teams are required to complete. These actions or activities may be to approve risk assessments, review controlled documents, read documents or contribute a safety report. The Activities Manager can aggregate activities from existing Notes or Domino applications.

HSE Learning and Reporting Manager
The HSE Learning and Reporting Manager  provides an efficient process to capture HSE Learning via near miss and incident reports. The system allows incidents and near misses to by investigated with a proportionate level of investigation and within a structured process that identifies the root causes. The system also ensures that the learning is communicated widely.

Document Registry Manager
The Document Registry Manager uses the advantages of Lotus Notes and the advantages of your  network drives to manage drawings and other "slow moving" controlled documents. Documents are initially filed in Lotus Notes via a structured record card and then later moved to the network drives by the administrator leaving the searchable record card in Notes. This combines the simplicity of LAN storage with the workflow and search capabilities of Lotus Notes.

Future Applications
All of the Delivery Toolkit applications are based on our experience delivering real projects to customers. We have a number of applications that we have previously developed as bespoke applications that we would like to consider launching as Delivery Toolkit products. These include :

Report Manager
Audit Manager
Personal Appraisals
MSDS / Hazard Data Sheet Management
Capex Approvals
We would also like to hear of any ideas that you have. Over the last 10 years FoCul has developed over 200 applications and we may already have something that is close to your needs.